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O-Ring Feed, Stretch, Assembly and Robotic Torque Driving

O-Ring Feed, Stretch, Assembly and Robotic Torque Driving




O-Rings can be tricky, and we make tricky look easy. With so many pre-proven Robo-Apps it is easy to build a multi-process system and have it all work together cleanly. Simply select the needed apps, show the robot some key points, and the handshaking, inspection coordination, and machine interface are all handled. Engineering effort is reserved for the special mechanics of your components, the rest is already complete.

You will see in the video bowl feeders presenting the plugs and the O-Rings. Each process is independent and operates in parallel with the rest of the functions. The robot grabs a plug, moves to the O-Ring station, installs the O-Ring and then does some twisting movement to ensure that the hex driver is well engaged with the plug. The robot then runs over to the bottom of the bottle and directly threads the plug into the bottle. Torque of the robot is monitored, as well as thread distance all to validate a quality installation.

All of this capability is accomplished with QPoint’s App based software that can be configured for any process…including yours. Put our tools to work to make work cells with any brand robot more productive, and easier to own.