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What drives the best engineering?  Mechanical?  Electrical?  Software?  It’s not about the discipline, it’s about the blending of the advantages of each.  Our engineers are all multi-disciplined to ensure the most effective solutions.

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Often times an industrial arm is the right choice; sometimes you don’t need the expense.  Since our company is not affiliated with a particular robot brand, we can help you make the right choice, give independent evaluation of various robot brands, and still provide system solutions from a common control platform.

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Our Ultra Lean Robotic Solutions family of products is designed to be interchangeable, versatile, and expandable.  Perhaps you need a new module, capability, or feature.  We’re interested to learn about the concepts that will make your application better.  We’ve provided the tools to allow you to create your own, but we can develop them quicker for you.  Generally, the function modules involve the software and the electro-mechanical content.

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End of arm tooling, structural support, guarding, fixtures… that’s all part of the package.  Many of our simple solutions are based from common platforms, and when our standard products are not sufficient we can still help.  If not, provide the custom solution directly.  We have many skilled contacts that can be utilized.

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Our collection of products can be used for a quick layout.  We have a variety of models for simulation and samples.  All you have to do is ask.

[/pane][pane title=”ROI – Return on Investment Calculations”]

It’s not just the technology that matters – cash flow, investment, and profit are additional factors.  We can assist in preparing the necessary reports to help justify the cost of a project.  We help you say, “yes, it will help me.  Yes, it is proven.  And yes, it makes financial sense.”

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Our demo-ready system is capable of a wide variety of solution/concept simulations.  Our Ultra Lean Robotic Solution family of products often provides a quick and easy platform for your next application.  Sometimes, a more complete sample system needs to be fabricated.  We are happy to discuss our service capabilities.  Our in-house fabrication, electrical build, and software skills are all resources available to serve you.



No Charge, We Just Like to Help. Call Anytime.

Shared Experience
One of the greatest ways we can support your organization is through our experience and joy of exploring possibilities.  It gives us great pride when customers call us and say, “Hey, I have an idea, and you are the ones I want to bounce it off you.” We look forward to openly discussing solutions with a pure desire to apply best automation practices.  And no, we do not charge for that. We simply call it service.

24/7 Assistance
Our products are designed to be instantly applied.  Sometimes, you instantly need some help.  Call anytime at (513) 458-3060 for our Ohio office or (317) 983-1338 for our Indiana R&D office. Or use our contact page for 24/7 response (it rings the on-call cell phone).

On-Site Assistance
We always offer one-on-one assistance for new customers.  We don’t just ship part numbers.  We provide effective, quality products with highly skilled assistance when needed.

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