QPoint Robotic Solutions

Work Cell Wiring

Simple – Intuitive – Effective

Simple connections for common robot tasks.Years of experience ~ neatly packaged.Safety…Sensors…Controls…

  • Straightforward Connections
    • Simple plug terminal for each safety device
    • Plug and play digital inputs and outputs
    • Live system setup ~ Instant debug and state configuration
    • Easy Cable feed through
  • Complete Safety Interface
    • Emergency Inputs / Enabling Switches
    • Door / Guard / Light Curtain Inputs
    • Interfaces for connected machine safety
    • Auto/Manual control. ~ Remote machine kill. ~ Robot kill from remote.
  • Advanced Options
    • Analog inputs and outputs
  • Various Form FactorsRack Mount Panel ~ Simple Enclosure ~ Perimeter Guard Door Pole ~ Robot Pedestal


19” x 5.25”5”Overall height includingcomponents and cables


Built in Power Supply
Voltage 24VDC
Available Current 4.5 Amp
24VDC Digital Inputs
16 on Easy Wire Terminals with DC
24VDC Digital Outputs 16 on Easy Wire Terminals with DC
Internal TTL Digital Inputs 6 (for internal built in features)*
Internal TTL Digital Outputs 6 (for internal built in features)*
Analog Inputs 8 Single Ended, 4 Isolated +/-10V
Analog Resolution 14 Bit
Analog Outputs 2 Single Ended 0-5V
Safety Interfaces
Emergency Stop Inputs 4 Dual Contact Inputs
Door Circuit Inputs 4 Dual Contact Inputs
Enabling Switch Input 1 Triple Contact Input
Remote Machine Kill 1 Dual Contact Output
Remote Machine Key Switch 1 Quad Contact Input/Output **
Interface Connections
USB 4 Available for Cameras, Etc.
Ethernet 4 Available for Cameras, Etc.
Robot Compatibility
All common industrial robots Denso, Mitsubishi, etc.
Enhanced Analog Upgrade High resolution, High streaming rate
Programmable Safety Upgrade Sophisticated safety management

* Use with “Comprehensive Robotics Solution” Work Cell Management

** Allows manual / auto control of connected machine, safely disconnecting robot cell for manual operation of machine


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