QPoint Robotic Solutions

Hand Guided Control and Teaching


Robo-Nav has been built to work with any robot or motion platform. This safety rated device is the most flexible, intuitive, and simple motion training device available.  With its tight integration into the management software, complex paths, smart positions, and easy maintenance motions are all, literally, at your fingertips.

Teach your robot the same way you teach your staff: just show it what to do!

  • Full six axis of robot manipulation.
  • Just grab it and move the robot anywhere.
  • Full Safety
    • Integrated safety enabling switch
  • Multiple Manipulation Modes
    • End of arm direct control
    • Add simple “snaps” to your robot & tooling
    • Remote tele-operation
    • “Plane Lock” and “Twist Lock”
    • Advanced CapabilityDirect hand control – push button open and closeAutomated path cleanup, editing, playback

Mounting Point


Mount these small blocks anywhere in your workcell, or on the end of arm tooling to add a control position.

* Use with Workcell Manager


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