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Make your next robot application a snap…

Take any brand robot, add our tools, and in no time your process is alive!  No special knowledge required.  You get instant functionality with no programming and no stress.  Our apps have the mini-programs built in.  The robot is managed and interacts effortlessly with all of the components in its environment.

It’s time to put robots to work… (in the old days, robots made you work extra hard…not any more).

Pathways to Higher Knowledge

Continue reading below to step through the journey, or watch one of these videos to get a taste:

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It Really is this Easy:

1) Select RoboApps for your Application

<<EXAMPLES>> Convey >>Inspect >> Palletize

Feeding devices, machine tools, assembly operations, inspection, everything is built in and ready to run.

Plug-and-play modules – ready for your application.

  • Product Testing
  • Machine Tending
  • Packaging Assembly
  • Inspection
  • and Many More…

<<<…show a variety of machine types, and their apps>>>

2) Instant Live Configuration

You don’t have to think like a robot to use one.  Each app is set up with a few simple steps.  All motions, handshakes, and control signals are instantly ready.  Completely live connections and configuration put your system online quickly.  Each setting can be promoted to the “style” (recipe management) with one click for part specific settings.


The only thing you need to worry about is process specific tooling. Use your engineering staff to focus on the important decisions your customer needs, we have the rest covered…and then some.

3) Show Robot Key Points

Using Robo-Nav, key locations are shown to the robot, and all of the transitional motions are automatically learned, maintained, and managed.  The robot’s “roads” are paved automatically, and your robot will always stay on course.  Move safely from anywhere to anywhere, anytime…just pick the destination.

<<<<road map>>>

4) Put the Robot to Work

Since the APPS KNOW what their role is- there is NO programming.  The handshaking, interaction, motions, and management are already complete.  It’s time to stop programming 5 things (robot, PLC, HMI, process, database), to get one work cell.  All you need to do is configure ours.


Tons of Built-In Capability

Enjoy your process with more diagnostics, manual control, test modes, monitoring, and data logging than you can imagine.



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