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Repositionable Tender

We made Machine Tending EASY - Build your system

Our App-Based platform is ready to connect to many different machine tools and provides for a variety of parts feeding and inspection tools. Pick a few options and you are on your way to greater productivity and quality. Our standard platform is ready for any mix of manual operation and automated jobs you need



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What Kind of System?

What kind of processes are you using to create your product?

Machining Center

Vertical and Horizontal Mills


Chucked and Quill supported parts

Twin Spindle Lathe

Allows for full part exposure


Center-less, Profile, CNC, etc.

Single Hit Press

Die located, or robot held strikes.


Heat treat, and other specialized processes

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What Arrangement Works Best For You?

How and where the robot is mounted is a trade off for automation or manual runs. Some more complex processes require a caged in area for various tasks.

Nearby Mounted Robot

Semi-permanent installation plan

Repositionable Feed and Tend Structure

Highly versatile structure adaptable to multiple machine tools

Machine tool mounted robot

Makes a compact, dedicated tending device with slide in-out capability

Multi-Purpose Cell

Feeding, inspection and assembly stations in larger cell

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How do you get parts in and out of the system?



Shipping Containers

Bowl Feeders

Accumulation Tables

Small parts Any-Feeders

Vision guided pickup for a variety of small parts

Indexing Pallet Lines

Tie to an existing Production Line


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While the robot has the part, do you want more?

Several different features can be added to improve value and gain more from the automation

Dimensional Confirmation

Hardness Check

Cosmetic Inspection

Part Cleaning



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How should the robot hold the part

Many gripping and handling options are possible for verstatility and speed

Vaccum Pickup

Pneumatic Pickup

Dual Handed Pneumatic Gripper

Add a Tool Changer

Manual swap out tools with ease for high changeover

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Making ownership EASY - Choose options that benefit you

We have several tools that improve your ease of use, and improve troubeshooting, serviceability and adaptability. We made the robot EASY.


Hand guided intuitive robot control

Event ReQorder

See videos of faults, and empower remote support

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on your process from anywhere.

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What safety style works for you?

Consider service and accessibility for automation as well as manual operations that will run on the tool. A more open cell is often easier for new personnel to adopt.

Collaberative Robot

A little slower, but simplifies the safety plan

Scanning Laser Perimeter Protection

Keep an open floor plan for small harmless part handling

Small Gaurded Machine

Self-contained automation with simple access doors and windows

Guarded Walk in Cell

When full guarding is needed

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Some last details

Help us to help you by sharing some process information. We can make recommendations for strategy to gain the greatest return, and verify your machine tool is ready for automation.

Scales the robot and implementation effort

Seconds the machine tool's process lasts

How many shifts will you be running

We can investigate robot interface capability for you

Will Installation be over 150 Miles from QPoint Cincinatti?

Pictures and Process Details help us help you.


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