QPoint Robotic Solutions

Machine Tending

Machine Tending, Made Easy

QPoint's Work Cell Controller Does All The Work, Simply Prep the Modules And Let The "Robo Apps" Do The Rest

Low Effort!

  • Safety – Done
  • In-Feed – Done
  • Out-Feed – Done
  • Machine Tool Interface – Done
  • Robot Coordination – Done

High Versatility

  • Any Brand robot
  • Any Machine tool
  • Various feeding modules


Add Integration At Any Time

Add Trace Ability

Infinite Part Programs


"Repositionable Tender" Package

  • Place By Any Machine And Plug In The “Machine ToolĀ  Interface”
  • Various Configurations, One Cell Controller

"Palletized Parts Side Car"

  • Easily manage Large Volume Runs With Parts Loaded By hand
  • Great For Lights Out Runs

"Machine Mounted Slide Out"

  • Easy Switch Between Manual Runs and Automatic Batches
  • Simple Perimeter Scan For Easy Addition To Any Floor Plan

Create Your Own System

  • Choose from all of our options
  • Get an idea of the cost