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World's Easiest Robot Connectivity - The QPoint Lean Interface

Connect any brand robot easily to your machine's devices. Blended safety, control signals and pneumatics are just a cable away.



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What Type of User Interface?

Select the right lean interface form factor to meet your needs.

App-Based Cell Controller

QPoint's advanced work cell management user interface ready to run any process.

PC + Touchscreen Ready for Custom Interface

If you plan to write your own PC based application, give it a professional look.

Robot Pendant Only

No host control system, just the robot.

PLC and HMI Interface

Simplified connection to robot signals for your PLC application

Power Over Ethernet Switch

Connect industrial networks and cameras with ease

Complex 3D Path Tools

Add this option for advanced management of complex paths. Needed for cutting and dispensing.

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General Safety

Add basic devices for the perimeter of your machine. Absolutely no wiring or termination needed, just plug in the provided cables and it works.


Ready to connect to extrusion frames.

Basic RF Door Switches

Use on smaller door openings.

Safety Keyed Slam Latch

Nice closure handle for smaller guard doors.

Key Tounge Door Switch

RF based added security for larger openings

Locking Key Tongue Door Switch

To prevent access while machine is in operation these electrical locks prevent access to the robot's workspace.

Man Door Slide Latch Assembly

Kit for mounting to a walk through door with full lockout capability.

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Connected Machine

Your machine tool's safety and I/O can be merged easily with a cable connection, and shared among machines.

Number of machines to connect to

One interface can go to multiple machines for shared automation.

Machine Tool Interface

Bi directional safety, 4Ins, 4 Outs

Isolation relay kits

Desirable when machine is not a matched 24V circuit6

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Shared Space Load Zone

The safety features your system has for a shared working space

Shared Space Connector Block

Easily secure areas with dual access from human and automation.

Light curtain 100-400mm

100-400mm (16in) protection length

Tall Light Curtain

450-1200mm (4ft) protection distance.

Area Scanner

Custom shape protection

Non-Contact Door Switch Kit

Simple access doors or rotating equipment

Robot's Structured Safety Signals

Use robot's own safety rated zone signals

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Device Connections

Sensors and outputs are ready to connect for each device. Place a Feed Device block by each sub machine and it is ready for direct connection for air cylinders and sensors.

Feed Device Connector Block

6 inputs and 4 outputs per block

Embedded Style Feed Device

6 inputs and 4 outputs for direct wire inside a junction box

Stack Light

USB style easy connect stacklight

Stack Light

Wired stacklight ready for connection

Event ReQorder Camera

See auto captured videos of faults and events

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Air Prep

Assembled and mounted on the lean interface

Electric Safety Dump

For more strict safety requirements, estops can also dump the air

Valve Banks

Base assembly for multiple valves

Single Acting Valves

Total valves across all banks

Double Acting Valves

Total valves across all banks

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Some last details

A few pieces of information to help us to refine the Lean Interface kit

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