QPoint Robotic Solutions

Measurement and Inspection

Automated Inspection, Made Easy

QPoint's Work Cell Controller Coordinate Data Gathering With Part ID's and Robot Motion To Inspect Basic Images, 3D Surfaces, And Unique Shapes

Low Effort!

  • Safety – Done
  • In-feed – done
  • Out-Feed – Done
  • Sensor Data Management – Done
  • Robot Coordination – Done

High Versatility

  • Any Brand robot
  • Any Camera or Measuring Device
  • Various feeding modules


  • Part ID’s Are Auto Generated And Use Fed In Data, RF Tags, Barcodes, QR Codes, Lot Codes, And More!
  • Database Connections Stored To Your plant Data


"Any Part Full Metrology"

  • Total Accuracy of 0.005 Inches Per 9 Cubic Meters
  • Automated CAD Model Comparison.
  • Virtual Fixturing

"2D Camera Quality Check"

  • Present Parts For multiple images
  • Screen And Sort Results
  • Full Cluster Capture
  • Historical Image Records

"Dynamic 3D Surface Scan"

  • Profile Laser Coordinated With Robot Sweep
  • 3D Map Snips Extracted From Scan
  • Analysed on The Fly

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