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Frustrated with system integrators who are the only ones who can fix a problem and come with a high price?

Our tools give you the power for in-depth diagnostics information access and management of your system. They also give you the ability to control the robot, modify its motion and even add different processes to the system in a very intuitive and user-configurable way.

So there’s no question that the hardware and the mechanics of the robotic automation are important steps, but that really is the only area that should require the custom engineering. Have your machine builders use our tools on your next automation project.


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Lean Interface Panel

Lean Interface Panel




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Automated part gaging and inspection for critical component


We needed fast robot control, coordinated with camera inspection, scale weight, and multi-source components. Our apps are able to handle the various processes, log 100% of the data, and keep the robot focused on its job –movement of the parts. The operators are able to visualize the results, adjust the pass/fail criteria and troubleshoot devices all with the built in tools of our standard process.


100% inspection, and logging, unattended operation for 2,000 piece batches.




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