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A Better Way to Automate

 Crystalizing the commonalities in robot applications for over 15 years.  The result is a platform that knows its job inherently.
While robot manufacturers add capability to their programming environment, we eliminate the concept of programming.  
While integrators  customize each new system, we simplify and standardize automation.

Action Based Robo-Apps

For a robot application, every action is the merging of the robot’s tool, the process zone it is interacting with, and the motion involved.  We teach systems from that perspective: Action = Hand+Process+Movement.  Our “Robo-Apps” allow you to build these actions up with simple steps to bring your machine to life.

Once a few “Actions” are established you are ready to run.  The system knows parts flow from the in-feed, through the process and on to the out-feed so your entire sequence looks like “Get part at Conveyor” “Swap Parts at Machine Tool” “Put Part in Box”.  Yes, that really is it.

Hand Guided Teaching

To complement the ease of process flow, we made robot movement trivial as well.  Long before the onset of collaboratives, the Robo-Nav tool allows any industrial robot to be moved for teaching in an intuitive manner.  This reduces learning curve, and improves dexterity.  The MagiQ Wand and Teach TracQer are further advances in ease of teaching motion.

An additional technology leap is the internal management of robot paths.  As “Actions” are added to the system, the robot’s road system grows.  The QPoint Cell Controller uses this road system to identify the best way to get from anywhere to anywhere else – crash free.  We even understand the need for the right road to use when the hand is empty or full.  This also enables escape routines to recover from any location back to a safe spot, as well as dynamic adjustment of paths and locations from live offsets and human requested tweaks.

Simple and Straightforward Connections

 To complete the tri-fecta, we also had to make wiring easy.  The Lean Interface, now on its 3rd generation eliminates wiring, and has safety pre-engineered.  The connection scheme is designed to handle all of the normal safety interactions, as well as process I/O without a single DIN Rail wire terminal.  Connectors are ready for all that is needed.


When expert industrial software meets robotic devices you get amazing results. Experience stemming from a wide variety of robot and automation applications crystalized into a collection of high power products that are easy to use for any automated motion system.

QPoint tools make   low volume  &  high changeover  &  complex motion 
applications easy to justify, and easy to own.