The collaborative robot industry is helping to break down barriers of traditional thinking and QPoint Robotics is doing the same thing from workcell programming and configuration.

With the tools we have developed there’s no need to make customers go through training and crazy knowledge of integration. We’re also making your robot much more useful with instant utilization of the components and interfaces quickly exposing the robot’s full potential.

Our tools allow for smarter robots, more control for customers and new opportunities in different industries for you.

Hand Guided Teaching


Lean Interface Panel

Lean Interface Panel


Workcell Manager

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Machine Tending to Press With Infinite Part Types


Your customers don’t want a robot…they want the work the robot will do. Our Robo-Apps allow one to interact with a robot, the way you interact with other labor in the plant…talking about process, not robot code and ladder logic. For this application we leveraged the smarts inside the arm for force feedback, and allow the system to run a new setup without ever having to re-teach the robot. Once the robot picks up a part it is able to feel the die setup tooling (which varies wildly from part to part), and perform an automatic setup.


The operator’s need to understand the robot, teach pendant, and how to create new recipes for new part numbers is eliminated. The operator simply “restarts” and the robot learns the setup, and runs continuously from there.



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