Our Products

Our collection of Ultra Lean Robotic Solutions is designed for high capability and high versatility while eliminating a majority of the typical engineering expense wrapped in an intuitive, fast learning curve package.

When you have the opportunity to design the best solutions with skilled, multi-disciplined talent, a wealth of experience, and a vision for the capabilities of automation, this is the result: instant solutions for robotic workcells.

Hand Guided Teaching


Hand-guided control and teaching for any robot or motion platform.  This safety-rated device is the most flexible, intuitive, and simple motion training device available.  With its tight integration into the management software, complex paths, smart positions, and easy maintenance motions are all, literally, at your fingertips.

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Lean Interface Panel

Lean Interface Panel

Addresses many of the safety concerns for robots integrated with machine tools and other processes allowing safe mode control for all manual and auto options.  Series and Parallel light curtains, E-Stops, door switches, all straightforward.  All of the robot’s I/O is addressed in easy powered connectors, and we even have analog signals, USB, and an Ethernet switch for all of the cell’s needs.

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Workcell Manager

The only workcell management software you will ever need.  Open, scalable, powerful, but best of all, out of the box functionality.  Unlike normal HMIs that start with a blank slate, this package is ready to work with all of the necessary capability in modular form.  We streamline the implementation process with standardized interfaces and controls.  Request a demo so we can wow you.  It’s time for automation workcells to be this capable, and this simple.

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Product Features

Robot Woes Eliminated

Familiar with setting up robot cells?  Look at the pains we have eliminated.  We overcome all of the old-school challenges of robotic systems.

Fast Deployment

With 100% live configuration, pre-configured apps, and built-in process management, awesome systems are moments away.

Plug-and-Perform Apps

By connecting multiple apps, you configure the system in a snap.  This is the fastest way to go from concept to operation.

Sample, Solutions, Styles

Our Workcell Manager can ship preconfigured with the function modules appropriate for your application at no extra cost.  We like to make automation easy, you like to be productive.  We make a great team!