Experience + Innovation = Excellence


When expert industrial software meets robotic devices you get some amazing results. Experience stemming from a wide variety of robot and automation applications crystalized into a collection of high power products that are easy to use for any automated motion system.

Awesome software surrounding well integrated electrical and mechanical solutions birthed the Ultra Lean Robotic Solutions family of products.  It is from this framework that we have truly made the robot an out of the box, highly configurable, and capable tool.

When you buy a robot, you don’t want to open the instruction manual, you want to put it to work.  Our plug and play solutions really do allow that.

We all know that robotics can be justified for high volume applications.  The ones you wonder about are those you really need – high changeover applications, and those with more sophisticated motions and manipulations.  We have produced the tools needed to meet those needs.

Hand-guided teaching with Robo-Nav allows for simple training of complex moves.  It also provides a very intuitive tool for traditional point training.

Once the basic locations and paths are taught, our Workcell Manager user interface takes over.  In addition to providing every diagnostic and manual control needed, it manages the roads the robot is able to drive on and can be used to automatically refine positions (such as aligning a rough hand taught path to the edge of a part, or automatically aligning the robot to the center axis on a lathe chuck).  All programming is designed to act like you are teaching your worker with simple instructions, not some complex machine.  Traditional robot and PLC programming are no longer needed. Our plug and play modules already know how to work together.

The experience is complete with our Lean Interface Panel which has safety pre-engineered, and exposes the robots I/O in an easy, high changeover environment.  The unit also introduces analog signals and other smart sensors in a single, clean, easy package.  This provides a level of portability and re-usability that robot cells do not normally have.