Why us?…its easy…   We SOLVE the WORK CELL, not just the robot.  Our fully integrated products create awesome systems while streamlining deployment.


My Robot has a Brain

Experience + Innovation = Excellence

When expert industrial software meets robotic devices you get some amazing results.  Experience stemming from a wide variety of robot and automation applications crystalized into a collection of high power products that are easy to use for any automated motion system.

Awesome software surrounding well integrated electrical and mechanical solutions birthed the Ultra Lean Robotic Solutions family of products.  It is from this framework that we have truly made the robot an out of the box, highly configurable, and capable tool.


When you buy a robot, you dont want to open the instruction manual, you want to put it to work.  Our plug and play solutions really do allow that.

We all know that robotics can be justified for high volume applications.  The ones you wonder about are those you really need – high changeover applications, and those with more sophisticated motions and manipulations.  We have produced the tools needed to meet those needs.

Hand guided teaching with Robo-Nav allows for simple training of complex moves.  It also provides a very intuitive tool for traditional point training.

Once the basic locations and paths are taught, our Comprehensive ROBOTICS Solution user interface and work cell manager software takes over.  In addition to providing every diagnostic, and manual control needed, it manages the roads the robot is able to drive on, and can be used to automatically refine positions (such as aligning a rough hand taught path to the edge of a part, or automatically aligning the robot to the center axis on a lathe chuck.)  All programming is designed to act like you are teaching your worker with simple instructions, not some complex machine.  Traditional robot and PLC programming are no longer needed- our plug and play modules already know how to work together.

The experience is complete with our Lean Interface Panel which has safety pre-engineered, and exposes the robots I/O in an easy, high changeover environment.  The unit also introduces analog signals and other smart sensors in a single, clean easy package.  This provides a level of portability and re-usability that robot cells do not normally have.

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Recent News



Sponsored 4H Lego Robot Team

We enjoy community support, and our products had a little fun at the fair with their Lego robot friends.



RIA Show - Indiana

RIA Show – Indiana

 Robotic Industries Association

Safety Conference

Featured Many Uses of Complex Motion Paths… all easily taught and maintained with our suite of products. 




Technical presentaion on our new innovations built with LabVIEW software, and incorporating NI hardware.  Our robotic work cell management software and Ultra Lean Products are truly worthy of center stage.

A national team of manufacturing minded experts conducted a 3 day training on how to be more lean.  Naturally our solutions for automation were a key demonstration on how automation can be flexible, effective and easily cost justified.

Since we are not just about robots, but also any motion control system, our family of Ultra Lean Robotic Solutions are a focus at the April 27th event at TechSolve in Cincinnati.  We will present the advantages of out of the box capability with our hand guided motion, proven function modules, and comprehensive software management tools.





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Use our tools

Its Time to See It In Action

Make your next robot application a snap…

Take any brand robot, add our tools, and in no time your process is alive!  No special knowledge required.  You get Instant Functionality with no programming and no stress.  Our Apps have the mini-programs built in.  The robot is managed and interacts effortlessly with all of the components in its environment.

Its time to put robots to work… (in the olden days robot’s made you work extra hard…not any more).

Pathways to Higher Knowledge...

Continue reading below to step through the journey, or watch one of these videos to get a taste:

Quick 30 second OVERVIEW Video

Take a look!

DETAILED 5 minute Video

More Details!

It Really is this Easy:

1) Select RoboApps for your Application

<<EXAMPLES>> Convey >>Inspect >> Palletize

Feeding devices, machine tools, assembly operations, inspection, everything is built in and ready to run.

Plug-and play modules – ready for your application. Product Testing

Machine Tending




and Many More…

<<<…show a variety of machine types, and their apps>>>

2) Instant Live Configuration

You don’t have to think like a robot to use one.  Each app is set up with a few simple steps.  All motions, handshakes, and control signals are instantly ready.  Completely live connections and configuration put your system online quickly.  Each setting can be promoted to the “Style” (recipe management) with one click for part specific settings.


The only thing you need to worry about is process specific tooling. Use your engineering staff to focus on the important decisions your customer needs, we have the rest covered…and then some.

3) Show Robot Key Points

Using Robo-Nav, key locations are shown to the robot, and all of the transitional motions are automatically learned, maintained, and managed.  The robot’s “roads” are paved automatically, and your robot will always stay on course.  Move safely from anywhere to anywhere, anytime…just pick the destination.

<<<<road map>>>

4) Put the Robot to Work

Since the APPS KNOW what their role is- there is NO programming.  The handshaking, interaction, motions, and management is already complete.  Its time to stop programming 5 things (robot, PLC, HMI, process, database), to get one work cell…. all you need to do is configure ours.

Tons of Built In Capability

Enjoy your process with more diagnostics, manual control, test modes, monitoring, and data logging than you can imagine.


Videos – by Category

Ultra Lean Robotic Solutions: Product OVERVIEW

Hand guided teaching, pre-engineered safety and I/O interfaces, and work-cell management software that will blow your socks off.

Quick 30 second OVERVIEW Video

Take a look!

DETAILED 5 minute Video

More Details!

Nostalgia from the early days

Intuitive HAND GUIDANCE: Robo-Nav

Eliminate clumsy teach pendants. Intuitive hand guidance: on robot, or remote.  You can still use the robot manufacturer teach pendant, but Robo-Nav offers many advantages.

Robo-Nav Guidance Methods

Robo-Nav Guidance Methods

Hand Taught Cleaning Paths

Hand Taught Cleaning Paths

Robo-Nav with Schunk Gripper Control

Various Robots

Custom Cartesian Slides


Make the Robot Think: AUTOMATIC ALIGNMENT and Point Cleanup

Many analog and feedback signals are used with standard clean up tools to adjust paths, refine taught points, and more.

Edge Alignment for Flash Removal

Edge Alignment for Flash Removal

Robot Feels Die Height

Robot Feels Die Height

Automatic Path Alignment

Built In Smarts: WORK CELL Management SOFTWARE

Use “action frames” instead of many points; add proven plug-n-play “modules” instead of re-engineering hardware. Show it the basics and the robot will learn the rest.

Palletization Made Easy

Palletization Made Easy

Multi-Point Managed Actions

Real APPLICATIONS: Robots Made Easy

Our Robo-Apps make any robot cell a joy for the operators, and a piece of cake for the engineer.

Dual Robot 3D Cut and Router Paths

Dual Robot 3D Cut and Router Paths

Hand Taught Cleaning Paths

Hand Taught Cleaning Paths

Screw Height Inspection

Screw Height Inspection

3D Surface Measurement

3D Surface Measurement

Humanlike Motion for Life Testing

Humanlike Motion for Life Testing

(Click on the images to watch video demonstrations)


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